Triggered Memories stop you from moving forward.

A comment made in jest can lead to depression and changed behavior


Recently while working with a client who felt stuck and unable to continue with a project they were passionate about.

They had spent a considerable amount of money on help and support, one of which was a group marketing software call.

In the group call, the coach jokingly said, “if ….. can do it anyone can.”

That’s all it took for them to jump back to old school flash back, where they were thought of as “slow, different and not capable”.

In an EFT session we recognize the feelings that surface, how we react to them and how we respond. It’s good to get right in there and if necessary have a good rant! Once we’ve acknowledged those thoughts and feelings we can begin to let them go and begin to re-frame or in other words find a way to make it feel better.

Over the years I’ve found that working in sessions of three works and gets the best results. At each stage we decide if we do more or we are where we want to be. It allows us to get to know each other, form trust, that’s essential and allows the magic to happen. It’s in those second and third sessions that the nuggets of information pop up, offering opportunity for deeper release of those deep original wounds.

Last week in a tapping class one of the attendees said “Your words were like poetry”!

That’s a first!

· The question is, what are you struggling with right now?

· How do you think your life would be if only you could take one small step forward?

· What do you want to change?

Oh, and just a reminder! I have a crazy amount of tools in my toolbox, amassed from the countless years with my business hat on or my coaching cap, not forgetting my magical cape! Whatever you need I have something transformational, I’m sure, helping you to move forward with ease and grace.


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