Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air!

I’ve got the balcony doors open this morning, it’s at least 14 C outside and I can hear the birds revelin in the sunshine! We have a hummingbird feeder that seems to be the gas station for all small birds, much to the hummingbirds disgust! They are so territorial but I love watching their antics.

Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Tree blossom’s are early and more prolific than any other city I’ve ever seen. If you walk around some of the back avenues and streets you’ll find that there are rows of exquisite and exotic Magnolia trees too that have just started to bloom. The big Horse Chestnut Tree’s that grace the streets around here already have the greenest of leaf showing! Daffodil’s are one of my all time favorite flowers indicating that the suns going to be out for longer!

There are  many fabulous Camellias’ of deep shades of pink, red and pastel pinks on my walk. And then there’s the Rhododendron that is as delicate as a ballerinas dress, with so many shades and varieties but with the same truly beautiful effect. They are stunning, fragile and hardy, another favorite! There’s the passionate Azalea bushes out in abundance now making up for bursts of intense colour in the backyard. Spring is definitely here in Vancouver for sure.

It’s time to think about what seeds we want to sow for our year ahead, now that spring is in the air ! What future do you want for yourself?

Clearing the clutter – Be ruthless and determined – chances are that if you haven’t used it or worn it in

the last 2 years you never will. Have a Garage Sale or Car Boot Sales (depends on where you live) can be fun if you there’s more than you involved. Or if you can’t be bothered just take it up to the charity shop (some even come to collect) and give someone else the chance to enjoy your old favorites. Elimination, space clearing can be testing for some of us – reach out and get help! There’s always someone that could do with a bit of extra cash who will come and help and if you don’t have extra cash make a lunch – offer a trade, you can go help with their clearing.

Tilling the Soil –  Cleaning – Get your rubber gloves out and clean those places that you know need a good wipe down. Alternately think out of the box and see if you have enough spare cash to get someone in to help. There are plenty of people out there that advertise, you might even know someone who might need the cash and who’d jump at the chance to earn a bit extra! Don’t be proud about asking, you’re doing everyone a favor here and it gets the job done! I had a lovely lady called Josie in Hong Kong that came into my little studio and made me so very happy every Wednesday, the place shone like a new penny, clean sheets and ironed clothes – worth every penny and more.

Preparing the ground –  Smudging your home – creating a peaceful, clean energetic environment, clearing out the old thoughts, feelings, angry words, collective consciousness “stuff” and unwanted energy!

Changing Beliefs – Tapping! Before you forge ahead I ask you to pause for a moment and consider that you

might want to achieve something different what you’ve always done. Why not choose to have a one hour super session where we could clear away some of your old thoughts and beliefs about what you can and cannot do with your life? Our old beliefs that we learnt from our parents, teachers and life can seriously keep us trapped in a cycle that’s hard to see or understand until it’s visible. Be prepared to be amazed at what you might see differently!

Sowing the Seed –  I heard someone say recently, you can’t sow a seed and reap the harvest in the same season! I seriously wondered why have I never understood that before! Farmers know that it takes the right amount of time to germinate so I don’t think digging it up to check how it’s is going to help it grow quicker! So why are we so impatient with our business and relationship seeds?  

Make a List of what you want – new car, better house/home, new relationship, promotion at work, new TV set, new computer, Security, Love, More Money – you know what’s missing in your life or what needs some improvement. (Bob Proctor says that you need an image in your mind that your mind then understands and accepts as reality.)

Getting Creative – Making a Vision Board and Create the future you see for yourself! 

Get a Large piece of Cardboard or a Poster board – cover it and make it pretty.Find Magazines and catalogues that have high image photo’s of what you want in your life. Combine Words, Photo’s, Pictures to capture the essence of what you want to draw into your life. Place the board where you can see it and connect with it everyday! Write out clearly and precisely what it is that you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by – Write it as if you already have it! Keep it somewhere that you can read every day!

Helpful suggestions for a Vision Board.

Inspired Guidance Reading – what do you need to know? Have you got questions that need to be

answered? Are you questioning your life and wondering what you need to shift, change throw out, bring in? I’ve been a consultant for more that 15 years offering guidance and clarity for those that are in the midst of uncertainty, change and confusion. My clients are literally world wide with many professionals that consult on a regular basis.  

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