Mother Whale Consciousness Codes Level One


Level One – Prepare the ground and create a strong foundation by clearing and aligning the lower chakras. Create stronger roots, better connections, stronger intuition and clarity. Anchor a beautiful crystalline core, fundamental to your over all feelings of security, peace and inner strength.

Mother Whale Consciousness Codes Level One Album

1: Earth Star Chakra (15.32)

2: God Presence Chakra (12.45)

3: Universal Presence Chakra (13.50)

4: Galactic Presence Chakra (12.07)

5: Christed Planetary Presence Chakra (14.26)

6: Earth Doorway Chakra (10.37)

7: Link Chakra (14.22)

8: Root Chakra (10.20)

9: Sacral Chakra (13.03)

10: Hara Chakra (9.43)

11: Solar Plexus Chakra (12.58)

12: The Mother Whales Whole Body (16.21)


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