How a small decision can turn your life around

I visited Rosslyn Chapel just outside of Edinburgh a few years ago and paid for the guided tour. The place was full and the guide an elderly guy stood at the front of the Church and told an amazing story that stayed firmly in my mind.

The Chapel had fell into very bad repair as the guardian family were out of funds themselves. The roof was literally falling in and had been covered with a tarpaulin but wasn’t really doing a very good job. They had received notification that unless they did the repairs the Church would be removed from the Heritage guide that it depended on to get the few visitors that trickled through and supported it in a small way. The family had been taking care of the chapel for centuries and they were deeply troubled and sad that they were loosing the fight on their watch but believed that it they were loosing the battle.

There were a few volunteer guides who determinedly manned a shed and took people around the site, one of which was shared this story. He came in one morning to find that there was already a long line of people of all nationalities and it continued all day and the next and the next, getting long every day! They were literally swamped with people who were donating for their tours! The money was literally pouring in! He asked a visitor what had brought them and they proudly took out a book that they had brought with them “The DeVinci Code” by Dan Brown.

Here’s the question: Did Dan Brown know when he began the book that he was going to save Roslyn Chapel? Doubtful. He was just following his inner guidance to get this story out into the world. I’m sure he hoped that it would be a best seller – but don’t all authors? How many actually manage to make the top of the Best Sellers?

The thing is. we often don’t understand why we need to do something. Sometimes it make no sense at all. We haven’t got the bigger picture – that’s “God’s job” (or whoever you want to think of as the higher source).

And take it from one who’s been walking the path for a while now, it’s not always easy to trust that someone will write that book! Or the money will come – or there is a right path for you to follow. All those if, but and what if thoughts can be enough to stop us dead in our tracks. And that’s where I come in!

EFT – Tapping is an amazing way of removing the – But – What if’s, and all the other doubts, fears and worries. EFT doesn’t do the job for you, it just levels the playing field and in some amazing and beautiful way connects you to the possibilities that are available.

It allows you to receive the information that’s available to you and opens you to allow for all of the help and assistance you need to repair your roof, build a new visitors center and extend the carpark. In other words to make it a fabulous experience in your life.

Actually – it’s like turning the dial on a radio so you can get the best sound – you literally change your channel! You can then hear the inner voice that’s your guide and your best friend who’s been trying to get your attention for year and wants to help you have what you deserve. Are you ready?

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