Groundhog Day

Have you noticed how you keep coming up with the same set of circumstances in your life?

Do you keep making the same decisions,? Get the same results?

Are you a “Blamer” and believe it’s someone else’s fault?

Do you keep falling into the same traps, the same big hole ?

Inspired Tapping Sessions
I can help you identify those “horrible” sticking points. They don’t need to be what you think of as earth shattering events. It can be something as simple as the birth of a sibling, even with loving and careful parenting. It leaves us with a huge imprint upon our thoughts and behavioral process. Moving house or schools is another enormous factor that impacts our interaction with others. Accidents, emergencies and any other life changing events, all impact our emotional responses.

In a session, we work together to establish those repeating patterns that creates the “outcome”.

We use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping, a popular, simple tapping and talking technique that is easy to learn and an invaluable self-help tool. (I’ve got lots of other tools in by box)

Clients often say that they feel that the sessions are deeply transforming. We do dig deep! That’s where my own lifetime of learning and experience comes into play and is invaluable during the work we do together. Every session is different, responses are never the same and clients are often amazed at the relief they feel even after a few minutes!

Do I need more than one session?
One session can and sometimes does work beautifully but if you want to get lasting benefit, I suggest a package of three sessions as the way to move forward and sometimes it’s worth considering continuing the relationship for even long. As we build trust and rapport you’ll be amazed at what you remember and how it feels to release that tension you’ve held on to for all these years.

Tapping or EFT is really easy to learn, you’ll have a fabulous easy to use procedure. It means you can deal with day to day “stuff” yourself and have a powerful impact on the way you live your life!

A wonderful movie that highlights this scenario beautifully is “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray plays the board TV News presenter who gets stuck in a paradigm and has to live over the same day from beginning to end until he finally “gets it”. Worth watching!

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