Getting Blindsided

Getting blindsided is when you don’t see it something coming.

It comes from an unexpected source, you’re unprepared, and it literally knocks you off your feet! 

A situation that leaves you feeling stunned, shocked, and powerless.

Maybe you got made redundant/laid-off from work?

Relationship Trauma – Argument, Abuse, Separation, Divorce?

Life threatening health issues, a severe fall, car accident?

Death of loved ones?

A big unexpected bill?

Life as we know it – Brexit or Trump?The list could be huge!

,,,,What do you do after getting blindsided? ,,

Breathe – if it’s really difficult, breath into a paper bag! I like to use the Buteyko Method, it’s helped with my Asthma enormously.

Take Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (Every house should have some)

Have a cup of sweet tea (Very British) or any other hot sweet drink.

Call a friend or a family member! Talk! Reach Out! It’s good to cry. It’s good to be angry.

You might want to go into the cave and stay there for a while.

Watch silly movies – laugh if you can! Laughter is enormously healing!

My own story of Getting Blindsided

I certainly got blindsided recently and boy did I feel the reverberation in every part of my life. To be honest, initially I tried to pretend that it hadn’t happened. Then when the next level presented itself I was left literally on the floor with all the wind taken out of me. Shocked to the core.

I couldn’t’ stay down, I needed to take some swift action or another wave would have come in and I’m not sure if I could have taken another blow. I did what I needed to do, or at least I had small spurts of action that eventually got me to where I needed to be by the time the deadline was reached. There were lots of moments when despair and disbelief overwhelmed me, but I got there with the help of some wonderful friends.

My saving grace was those friends around the world who were there when I needed them at all hours of the day and night. A kind neighbour who made the tea, could give me a real hug and who gave some strong encouraging words that helped me make some hard decisions.

I did a tons of tapping (EFT), even when I didn’t want to. I made myself tap on whatever was

welling up. Oh and prayer, I did a lot of talking to whoever was listening!

It’s not been easy but my faith is strong and throughout these past couple of months I have done everything I can to stay in my heart. Hey, I am human so I can’t say I haven’t been angry and upset but I tap and do what Gary Craig (EFT originator) taught, stick to simple, go back to basics EFT. It work beautifully.

Am I through it? It take time.  Stuff keeps coming up and will keep coming up but I have the tools and the awareness. I have my EFT friends to tap with and so I’ll get through it way faster than ever before. It doesn’t change the situation but it allows me to feel like I am not left flat on the floor, unable to move.

At the end of the day I don’t want to feel like that, I don’t want to stay down. As the old saying goes, “I’ve got people to see, places to go”. Most importantly for me, I want to stay in my heart!

What about you? How can I help you move on and be better able to cope with your blindside aftermath? If your ready to find positive ways of moving on and moving forward I’m here for you! My own motto “I CAN DO THIS” kept me motivated and moving forward! “WE CAN DO THIS!” works just as well!

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